Monday, November 17, 2008

Adams 24th Birthday!

So it was Adam's Birthday yesterday and we celebrated at Luminarias for Brunch. If you have never been to Luminarias it is like the ultimate buffet. Tons of different kinds of food. Plenty of desserts to choose from, made to sopes and omelette' leave in pain from eating sooo much! lolIt was a lot of fun with good friend and family. He got some really nice presents and it was just a great day! The best part was when the mariachis came and sang happy birthday. So here are some pics from that day and there aren't a lot cuz my camera died!!! I found the charger today so I'll be posting some pics of the girls soon. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


SO its been awhile so I decided to give an update to our blog followers.

Jianna is getting big and talking a lot! She says a new word everyday and she knows when to use them. At the store with me yesterday she got a hold of some socks. I realized she had them in her hands at the cashier so I apologized for my 1 1/2 year old for trying to steal, she laughed then asked Jianna if she was trying to steal and very loud and proud said, "Yeah!" It was too funny!

We took Bella to the ER on Wednesday. She kinda managed to break a snow globe...on her head! I know...only Bella! So here's the story. I was sitting at the dining table doing math with Hailey. Jianna was taking a nap. Mom was reading with Elijah and Acacia and Bella were playing in Elijahs room. We heard screaming. And Acacia saying, "Don't worry I won't tell on you Bella, I won't tell." We look at Bella and just see her covered in liquid. Still not realizing what is going on I send Bella to the bathroom so I can change her clothes cuz she is soaked. So I go in the bathroom to take her shirt off and she looks up at me and there in blood running down her face with little pieces of glass stuck in her hair and her face. I then proceeded to freak out. Thank God my Mom was there. I start to cry cuz glass scares me. =( I call my Mom in to deal with her cuz I can't and I start to pick up the glass in Elijah's room. It was bleeding a lot. And my Mom suggested I take her to the hospital cuz she thought she might need stitches. So we go. I got a hold of Adam somehow through people transferring me here and there and PTL he was able to leave and meet me at the ER. Good news: No stitches, just some glue to put her check back together. The cut wound up being not very deep but somewhat wide so that' why they chose glue.

Hailey lost another tooth. So now she is missing her two front teeth!!! I hope they are still gone when Christmas is here lol

Me...I got job. I start Dec. 1

Adam is doing well in the academy, its still very time consuming but its okay. He turns 24 tomorrow. lol he is getting OLD!!!

Were still at my Mom's house. I think we'll probably be here till early next year. Sorry Mom.

It's my Shorty Grandma's birthday today. Happy Birthday Grandma!! LOVe you!!!

And there is your Villalobos Family Update

Monday, October 20, 2008

Jianna Dancing

Hailey Lost Another tooth!

Hailey lost one her front teeth! lol She looks so cute and funny! It has been loose for awhile but her Dad was telling her that the Tooth Fairy lost a lot of teeth in the stock market and blah blah blah...he was stressing her out and she didnt want her tooth to come out if the Tooth Fairy couldn't pay her! lol And I could totally understand where she was coming from! While we were eating dinner she was complaining that she couldn't eat cuz her tooth was hurting so we all started to chant, "pull it out! pull it out!" lol and she did!!! SO here she is with her $5 that the "Tooth Fairy" dug up from the bottom of her purse lol!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So my Daddy and Cecille bought me New Kid tickets for my bday! And it was the best bday present...EVER! Me and my Mom went last night and it was GREAT!! The put on an amazing show!!!!! Natasha Bedingfield was there too! I love her! She sang all my favorite songs it was like I gave her a list and she said "ok!" We had awesome seats too! Thanks Daddy!!! Here are some pics and a video...Enjoy!

The farm

My girlies